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Food Systems Friday Webinar Series

With over 25 episodes archived, you can now go back and revisit this extraordinary webinar series at your convenience and free of charge.

“Food Systems Fridays” began at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The M.S. in Sustainable Food Systems (MSFS) program is an intentionally designed online graduate program. With most people sequestered in their homes, yet eager to learn and be connected, our faculty saw this as an opportunity to use our expertise to build a diverse virtual learning community. (Many organizations and institutions had less support and experience to make the online pivot.) We understood there were critical food systems issues emerging and we wanted to make sure folks were able to access information, resources, best practices and participate in the discourse. (Remember when everyone suddenly knew what supply chains were!?)

Bringing together practitioners, advocates, community members, students, and scholars in a learning and sharing environment helped to strengthen our national food systems network and still provides excellent insights and resources today.

We invite you to choose a topic and have a listen! Feel free to share these links in your networks.

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Webinar Series Host

Dr. Robin Currey is an Associate Dean for Academic Innovation and founded the online Master of Science in Sustainable Food Systems (MSFS) program at Prescott College. She is recognized for her ethnoecological research approach to agrobiodiversity conservation and value chain inclusion for small-scale agriculturalists, or home gardeners. Before coming to Prescott College, she served as the Director of Mercy Corps in Kyrgyzstan, an international humanitarian organization, and is a non-executive Director for Community Development Financial Institution in Kyrgyzstan. Her work with Mercy Corps in Kyrgyzstan grew from her efforts to understand and influence the sustainability and resilience of small-holder agro-pastoral systems to address inequities in the food system. 

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Recording Archive of Previous "Food Systems Friday" Webinars

August 27th - Episode 26: "Building Ecological Skillsets for Food System Transformation" - A Series of Experiential Education Fellowships (USDA NIFA)

May 21st - Episode 25: Every Drop Counts: Agricultural Water Reuse Advances from the CONSERVE Center

April 23rd - Episode 24: Food Insecurity and the Charitable Food System: Lessons Learned During COVID-19

February 12th - Episode 23: The Incredible Bean: A Culinary Workshop in Celebration of World Pulses Day

January 22nd - Episode 22: Building Food Sovereignty, Access, and Community

December 4th - Episode 21: World Soils Day: Soil Management for a Sustainable Food Systems

November 20th- Episode 20: Choose Seeds and Plants to Promote Biodiversity

November 6th- Episode 19: The Role of Weight and Race Bias in Health Outcomes

October 23rd- Episode 18: Growing Food and the Power of Community

October 9th - Episode 17: Addressing Poverty and the Designed Systemic Neglect of Agricultural Workers

September 25th - Episode 16: More Politics on the Menu - Registered Dietitians and Agribusiness Sponsored Education

Episode 15 Encore: Daria Toguzbaeva and Munara Muratalieva Answer Follow-up Questions from Attendees of Episode 15

September 11th - Episode 15: Colonization, Collapse, and Emerging Patterns in the Kyrgyz Food System

August 21st - Episode 14: Removing Politics from the Children's Menu

August 7th - Episode 13: Re-indigenizing Food

July 24th - Episode 12: Food is Racialized - Building Accountability for Justice

June 19th - Episode 11: Putting Sustainability Into Food and Nutrition Practice

June 5th - Episode 10: COVID-19 Adaptations and School Gardens

May 22nd - Episode 9: True Cost Accounting in Post-COVID Food Policy

May 8th - Episode 8: Composting Your Garden in the Time of COVID-19

May 1st - Episode 7: Alaska Food System: COVID-19 Adaptations, Collaborations, & Resilience

April 24th - Episode 6: COVID in the Kitchen: Chefs and Culinary Education

April 17th - Episode 5: Eating Without Sustainability? How Dietary Guidelines Can Protect Our Health and the Environment

April 10th - Episode 4: Community and School Gardens in the Time of COVID-19

April 3rd - Episode 3: Food Access and COVID-19 - What's Happening in Your Bioregion?

March 27th - Episode 2: What Does Home Grown Food Security Look Like? - Lessons from the Silk Road

March 20th - Episode 1: COVID-19, Resiliency and Food Security

Food Systems Friday is presented by the Master of Science in Sustainable Food Systems Program at Prescott College.