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As part of a transfer agreement with Quest, we are available to you as an additional option while you navigate the upcoming academic year. We wish you success in your future educational plans, and we admire the transparency with which Quest has addressed their students. We commend Quest for seeking multiple pathways that best meet student needs. We have all faced unprecedented challenges during COVID-19 and its many uncertainties, and we're stronger together. Prescott College has identified a pathway to offer in-person, experiential classes to our on-campus students this fall and we have a clear transfer policy for Quest students. We are here if you need us.

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Familiar. Yet, Different.
Block Classes. Interdisciplinary Studies.

Immersive Class Experiences

Our 4x4 block schedule means you'll have an opportunity to focus your studies, taking one class at a time. You'll create relationships with your fellow students that can last a lifetime and learn deeply while creating school/life balance that many students find rewarding. You'll work in small cohorts of 12-20 students per block.

Transfer Policy

In most cases, you will receive Prescott College credit for all courses successfully completed at Quest. You'll work closely with your admissions counselor every step of the way.


BA in Interdisciplinary Studies

We offer an individualized degree plan for our Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies as well as a pre-defined course of study for a variety of undergraduate degrees including environmental studies, adventure education, arts and humanities, sustainable community development, and more.

Rolling Admissions

We're here if you need us — now or later. If you decide to take part of your education at Prescott and then return to Quest, Quest will work with you on reciprocal transfer.

Prescott College Kino Bay Center

CIEL School

Both Quest and Prescott College are members of the Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning, and share a student-centered practice and a commitment to educating life-long learners through an interdisciplinary and experiential approach.

4x4 Block Schedule

Aug 25 - Sept 17th

Sept 22nd - Oct 15th

Oct 20th - Nov 12th

Nov 17th - Dec 11th

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