Block is Best.
What it Means for You.

COVID-19 has shown us what unpredictability looks like.
We've built our block schedule with your safety in mind
and with the intention of offering classes in-person for
our on-campus undergraduate students.

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Welcome to Block
4 weeks. 4 sessions.

Immersive Class Experiences

You'll have an opportunity to focus your studies, taking
one class at a time. You'll create relationships with
your fellow students that can last a lifetime and learn deeply while creating school/life balance that many students find rewarding.

Small Class Sizes

Taking only one course at a time means less mental shifting among coursework. The deep dive into subject matter helps you stay engaged with the material. You'll work in small cohorts of 12-20 students per block. Our own experience (and outside research) shows that students excel under this model.


Take it Outside

Whether working in small groups in the field, or in community settings, much of your time will be spent outside of traditional classroom settings. Maximizing outdoor settings can minimize the transmission of airborne viruses.

Flexible and Resilient

Our pivot to an entirely block schedule for our on-campus students means we can offer greater peace of mind and a more viable framework for on-campus classes during this unprecedented time. Know that we also offer a blended block/traditional academic semester through our online degree programs. For an education that lives ahead of the curve, apply to Prescott College.

4x4 Block Schedule

Aug 25 - Sept 17th

Sept 22nd - Oct 15th

Oct 20th - Nov 12th

Nov 17th - Dec 11th

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